Jaipur Literature Festival 1/17-21/2014 and Book Tour in Bombay 1/12-14/2014 and Delhi 1/15-16/2014

Ved Mehta will speak at the Jaipur Literary Festival as well as in Bombay and Delhi, January 2014.  Mehta will speak in Bombay on 12-14 January , and in Delhi on 15-16 January .

The 2014 DSC Jaipur Literature Festival, Asia-Pacific’s largest literary festival, will be for 5 days from 17-21 January in Jaipur, India. The DSC Jaipur Literature Festival is held across multiple venues at one festival hub – Diggi Palace. Diggi House, Sawai Ram Singh Road, Jaipur – 302004, Rajasthan (India)

To view the festival program, click here: 24-28programme Grid

Jaipur Literature Festival